Music can be soothing in the face of sorrow, or an outlet in the presence of pain – it forms the background of all of our memories, good and bad.

Melodies flowed from Jayde’s heart the moment she first spoke. Her earliest words were sung, not spoken, and the sentences she formed as a child were like one long, ever-changing song. In her family, gifted musicians and people who simply love the art form surround her. Her father was one of those people and when his life was cut short at far too young an age, Jayde turned to her passion for music entirely.

She taught herself piano, drawing from within to create music, and bought herself a guitar when she sold her childhood toys. At a young age, the raw power and beauty in her voice could have stopped anyone at any moment. The maturity of her lyrical courage and the depth and range of the voice that delivers it seem far beyond her years, and she’s only getting started. Music is the anchor that centers this young woman’s life.

Music, says Jayde Taylor, is everything